Been doing a lot of cooking at home lately. Just trying to save $ from eating out and eating less processed foods. I forget how relaxing and rewarding it is for me.



who knew making matzo ball & chicken soup was so easy. I saw this article, which lead me to my concoction:

i made it not because of the passover holiday but it seemed like the most comforting meal i need for being under the weather at the moment.


i thought i was going to be able to avoid this flu epidemic but alas i caught it and it held me down for a few days. And when your hubs don’t do well in the kitchen, i’m left to muddle my own concoction. just like chicken soup, i crave for something comforting. Congee comes to mind. its a thick rice porridge. watery rice soup. a rice gruel. whatever you want to call it. a poor man’s meal. Poor or not, its a comfort food i need when i’m sick.

With my head pounding and my body aching with chills, i managed to drag myself into the kitchen to see what i can make quickly without much prepping and monitoring. scanning my fridge, i found a few things to quickly make chicken & ginger congee. Best thing to have when making congee a little quicker: leftover cooked rice!

just about 1 cup to 10 cups of water bring to boil then simmer to the right consistency. viola! you can add other ingredients (cooked chicken, fried onions, green onions, etc) to your liking before serving.

To comfort food & good health!

hot da-ham!

every year we host Easter at our house, only because the hub’s grandma decided a few years ago she was to old & tired to host 3 families in her tiny lil condo (i don’t blame her). So over the years we’ve taken over the role to host our immediate family. no aunts, cousins & etc. i like it that way. less drama and less clean up.

anyway, after easter brunch with 6 adults the easter ham barely looks like its even eaten. even after everyone packs a doggy bag, i, the host am left with the  A LOT of ham (probably enough ham to feed a family of 4 for the next 2wks). and since, i hate wasting food and i really don’t want to freeze anymore stuff in my packed freezer, i decided to whip up a few ham related foods:

ham & spinach quiche

split pea soup w/ ham & parmesan croutons

ham salad w/ roasted pecan on top of cucumber, havarti & wheat toast

not pictured: ham sandwiches, ham & eggs omelette and ham fried rice.

oh hello November!!

my gawd, where did october go? November just snuck out from all the fallen leaves. i refuse to believe that winter is around the corner. its time to pullout the sweaters & winter coats. turn on the heat. super moisturize dry skin. comfort food. hibernate. before you know it, i’ll be shoveling my walk.

i do like fall veggies. i still have kale & swiss chard growing out in the yard, but i think its all ruined by all the construction debris. i managed to save the last of my basil. i was really excited the other day when Trader Joe’s was selling brussel sprouts by the stalk. I’ve never had brussel sprouts growing up. all i knew was that kids (on tv) would whine & kick that they had to eat it. So, not till i was an adult with my own home & kitchen did i finally tried it. i love it! it taste like cabbage. what’s not to like when its mini cabbages?

my favorite way to prepare brussel sprouts: boil or roasted. then slathered w/ butter & salt. then my BIL’s girlfriend introduced me to bacon & brussel sprouts. its a winner!

happy november!

food fixes

as the hot weather sets in, i’m all about quick & easy foods. the last thing i want to do is to be slaving over the stove & adding more heat to the house. blurgh! i really don’t have patience for mile long ingredients & exact measurements (that explains why i rarely bake). i can do recipes that are easy to put together with quick results. i once borrowed a crock pot (because i really don’t want another huge kitchen with no place to put it) & made a few no nonsense comforting foods to eat later(could explain why i love stews & soups).  so this is what i’ve been whippin’ up:

i had a taste for wings the other day. what i really wanted was some fried chicken but i wasn’t about to fry anything in the house (i don’t like frying in the house in general) & wasn’t about to go the fast food route (self guilt). so i made sweet & spicy chicken wings baked in the convection oven. i marinated it with this recipe w/ a few alterations. instead of jalapenos i used indonesian hot pepper sauce & left out the ginger cause i didn’t have any at the time. it turned out nice especially with the fresh green onion (so nice to have it just growing outside my backyard). delish!

i wanted breakfast pizza one day. so instead of rolling out the pizza dough i used afghan flatbread from the afghan store (so nice to find ethnic foods in the city). stirfried some shitake & button mushrooms, pancetta w/ onions & garlic. scrambled an egg. shaved some gruyere cheese. baked it till crispy & threw on some fresh italian arugula (also from the garden). tah-dah!

flatbread pizza

then one day i wanted fish taco. i’m a bit weary when it comes to buying & preparing fish. i’m just not good at it. again, i wasn’t going to fry in the house, especially fish. aaack! so while shopping at my local mexican supermercado, i saw whole fried tilapia at the food counter for $2.50. how super is that?!

i didn’t end up making fish tacos, but instead i ate it with a side of fresh apple slaw i made the day before. the fried fish & the fresh slaw just evened  the meal all out. it was good & i may have to do that again if they have the fish again. yum!

i think i can go for quick & easy food fixes anytime. 🙂

clearing house


bye-bye crap-o-la!!

its amazing how much paper a little bitty office can consume. we purged &  filled 3 recycling dumpsters (from the city) & 2 file cabinets, which was quickly snatched up by metal scrappers combing the alleys. i swear i do my best to save the trees by recycling both sides. plus i know i’ve been good with printing since i have not had to change my cartridge for over 3yrs? thankfully these days, clients are cool with electronic drafts. we’ve already spent 3 days unloading, tossing & shredding years & years worth of paperwork. to think we’ve already done this before 6yrs ago prior to moving. i would say i’ve got about 2 or 3 more days of filtering & organizing before we’re done for a while. crazy!

while were on the topic of disposing, i’ve been engrossed by Hoarders. the food hoarder episode gave me nightmares & i had to go clean out my fridge the very next day. **shudder**

while i'm out...

for the hubs, while i'm out**

i forgot to post about my cooking frenzy i had prior to east coasting last month. call me crazy but i felt bad i was going away while the hubs was working his little booty off at the office. so i made him homemade food that he can warm up or eat cold when he got home from work.

**sorry i had no time to plate them nicely for pictures.