Cat antics


i look up and see these two.


i wonder what kitties dream about?

i don’t know what it is about cats (or pets in general) curled up while they nap, but it sure makes me jealous for a nappy too. it must be nice to not have any worries in the world. eat. sleep. window watch. play. i think only one of my kitties is a bit of a case, as if he’s got a job to worry about & mouths to feed. someone i know actually keeps her one cat drugged up all the time. i don’t think its necessary for me to start prescribing my cat with kitty prozac. as much as i’d like him to be social & fun like the others, i like him the way he is, skiddish & a freakzoid.

pr0bably should have named him skittles

listen: rescue – echo & the bunnymen

the shy ‘mudgey-mudge

the smudge has got a cold or something. he’s been sneezing and blowing snot all over the place, mostly on the comforter (thank god for duvets) in our bedroom. poor lil’ buddy. hope he gets over it soon.

been in the documentary mode. saw a disturbing one on brazil, Manda Bala. oh god, the ears!! rewatched Absolute Garbage, i like that shirley manson & her potty mouth. i really enjoyed the pixie’s documentary, quietLOUDquiet, the other night. it totally gave flashbacks of my college days. my roommates use listen to it a lot & loud (where the house literally shook). i spent the next day listening to all their albums, but not that loud.

ms. monkey – our temporary guest of honor

kitties are funny. how they interact and how they deal with their surroundings. we’ve been watching our friend’s kitty, monkey for almost 2 months now. she came in as an only “child” to a house full of other kitty kids. the first few days were the craziest. she stayed in her carrier (with the door open) and all you heard was a growling monster and wicked cat screams. she was not happy and she wanted everyone to stay at a distance. since we had her in the kitchen/dining area, the other kitties would have to bypass the carrier to go eat. i was afraid to move the box after she swatted a can of food right out of my hand as i started to put it in the carrier. i don’t think my kitties ate for a few days. 3 days later she moved out of the box and hung out in the back porch (where all the litterboxes were). by this time the older kitties didn’t give a shit about the hissing and did their business. the only one who couldn’t bypass the tension was my baby calico, squeeg, when i caught her in the midst of pooping in the ficus tree planter in the living room.

watching from a distance

these days, the kitties are more at ease with each others presence, esp. the male cats. the two calico girls still hisses with her, if they pass each other. and if one of them happen to look at each other in the eye, there will be a little swiping and chase. no blood shed but the girls just can’t be civil with each other. territorial issues. queen of the house. space. who knows. i wonder is that how the term catfight came along for girl fights?

be my bff, please?

one funny thing is seeing the awkward & skiddish smudge inch his way closer & closer to monkey. he’s trying so hard to see how close he can get to ms. monkey before she tells him to “beat it!” she still can’t really eat (communal style) with the other kitties but she will if its wet food. she’ll follow me very closely if she wants to tell me something. and when you pick her up and craddle her like a baby, she gives out a cute noise that sounds like a chirp/squeaky toy. she’s been fun to have around.

she has a few more weeks before she goes back home to her own domain. i wonder will she readjust to being number one and only again? or will she miss our hectic household?

in other news: FINALLY, gave away my old mac desktop. it literally had a layer of dust rhinos. i feel good. now i need to purge another thing or two.