Life is precious


You don’t realize how precious life is until its gone.

It’s was a rough few weeks. Unbeknownst to all of us, my youngest calico cat (she was 10.5yo but she was still the baby/runt of this household) was taken over by cancer and there was nothing the Vet or I could do. I was advised to euthanize her very soon. I was in shock and needed a few days before making the appointment. In my mind, I had hopes that she would miraculously heal from this disease.

For those few days, It was actually hard & heartbreaking at the same time. Her fur was no longer clean, soft and plush. I can feel every link of her bones in her body as she became dehydrated and emaciated by the day. She stopped eating much or anything. She tried to make it to the litter but was to weak and just peed on the rug next to the litterbox. She could barely jump up to the couch so she sat on the lowest and comfiest end of the bed. I knew she was tired and couldn’t get any sleep because when I cupped her little head in my hands it would slowly sink into it. And when I called her name, I could barely hear her meow back in response. I couldn’t bare to see her like that anymore. I picked up the phone and made the appointment.

On that bright and sunny morning, she decided to make rounds of the house as if she knew it was her last day. I almost cancelled the appointment but I knew she was still very sick. We decided to forgo the kitty carrier and just wrap her in a warm blanket to the Vet. They took her last vitals and shaved her one arm so they can attach the receptacle  to render the injections. I wasn’t going to hold her but decided at the last minute that I wanted her to remember she was warm and safe in my arms. She went peacefully in my arms. I can feel her head slowly slump hard into my arms and her whole body went limp. I was overwhelmed with emotions. In the end, I know she’s now in a better place.  ❤



pink paws

gushing with cuteness! as for those wicked claws,  i’m a big fan of nail caps aka soft paws (press-on nails for animals). i like these new glittery pink ones for my girls and clear for the boys. no need to do the inhuman thing of removing their bones & my furniture is intact.

glittery pink

in other kitty news: one of my clients told me she had become a slave to her cat that pees all over the house. she’s lost in what to do. so insane that they actually put a litterbox on the bed. bleecch! i commend her for trying but that kitty is trying to say something. in most cases, people don’t want to deal with it after a while and gives it up or even worse, put out a domesticated declawed cat into the streets.

if the cat can talk, it would tell you this:

  • urinary tract (UTI), usually happens to male cats.
  • clean box. thank god my guys only made it as far as outside the box when i wasn’t doing my job
  • different or new litter. i also found that they don’t like boxes w/ a door. it keeps the smell in and they don’t like being trapped in it while trying to do #1 or #2
  • new cat in the house. my baby kitty made a few deposits in the big palm tree planter when she was too afraid to make her way to the litter in back of the house because she’d have to cross path with the cat i was sitting for in the house.
  • spending quality time. they may be solo artist but they know when you’ve been neglecting them all too many times. they need some lubbin’ too!

anyhoo, if you really love your pet you’d take the time & effort to work with her/him. i know & have heard too many stories where people who give up, yet not really trying. its like potting training a kid, its hard & trying at times but it all takes time & patience.


the box

squeeg in the box

squeeg in the box

everyone likes to take a turn in the box. its like a game. these kitties crack me up sometimes. except for the time one of these rascals smeared their stinky butt on my wacom pad! bleech!



sometimes as i’m about to open the back door to go dump the trash or garage, one of the kitties may rush out as if they were escaping to freedom. then as he sink into the pillowy white fluff called snow that he realize its friggin’ cold out here. so he makes a quick u-turn dash back inside before the door shuts. if only he knew, how good he has it now. its a different story if the weather was nice. current temp. 11˚

listening: a promise – echo and the bunnymen