Coffee break

I guess I took a long coffee break from this lil’ blog. Nothing über exciting happening since my last entry but it’s been quite busy end of summer. As the summer weather wanes down, a rush of connecting and reconnecting with friends and family. Always a good thing.

For now I’m going to enjoy my java and hopefully be back to write about nothing very soon.


sometimes when something is overly hyped about, you can’t help but be disappointed or just “ok” with it in the end.

i finally got to try one these cupcakes that people and the media keeps talking about in town. Not sure what i was expecting, but it didn’t rock my world nor did it blow my mind. maybe because i don’t have a sweet tooth. either way, it was a good cupcake but it wasn’t any different from any other good cupcakes i’ve had in the past. so, for now i’m good with the hyped cupcakes.


my dad likes to come over and make food. he made stuffed peppers. hot & sweet.

so prior to a container filled w/ stuffed peppers, my 71yr o dad and i debated who was lazy-er to walk to the store for some ingredients. guess who walked to the store? not me. i know i’m awful.  its all good. my dad is too anxious to wait for anything.