Happy National Cat Day!


{travel} Oh NYC!


Finally made it back to New York after missing it last year, because tickets were ridiculously high for the fall, even off season. But this year, I surprisingly found $84rt tickets (yes, you heard right!). After booking, I looked at my receipt and there it was $45 of it was the flight and the rest was taxes. I have NEVER in my life found tickets that cheap to NY. $120, yes but not $80. I can’t even fly to St. Louis for that cheap. ha!

Here’s a few I’ve captured on this trip:

IMG_2301 IMG_2206IMG_2285 IMG_2325 IMG_2354 IMG_2320IMG_2230 IMG_2296IMG_2423IMG_2290 IMG_2427

Last of the season


New favorite tomato variety: Indigo Rose

I been terrible about posting much this summer. I just wasn’t in the mood to do it.   But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot going on. This year has been a fruitful year in the garden, not all pertaining to veggies but just gardening in general.  Just knowing the right people and volunteering has enabled me to get free plants this year. The only thing i spent this year is on dirt.


annuals, perennials, bulbs & bushes


my free perennial haul

Now its end of season. Clean up time and putting the rest of the perennials in for next year.