Been doing a lot of cooking at home lately. Just trying to save $ from eating out and eating less processed foods. I forget how relaxing and rewarding it is for me.


{eat} a lil’ taste of Saigon

IMG_8241 IMG_8248Sometimes one needs to take a break from German sausages and beer while in Berlin. Good thing there are so many other great international foods to choose from this wonderful city (Did I not mention how much I love Berlin?). We really enjoyed our meal at District Mot in Mitte. Not only was the Vietnamese street food pretty tasty, its the kitschy decor and moody atmosphere that really transports you back to Saigon for a bit sans the weather. I’ll be go back when hankering for some asian food in Berlin. IMG_8246IMG_8244

{eat} Cut & Roast

I’ll admit, I usually boil my cauliflower or mash it in place of mashed potato and load it with lots of butter. Then there’s the cut & roast method. With a little drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt & a dash of smoked paprika. 450˚ and 30mins later. Viola! I’ve got tasty plate of roasted cauliflower! Delish!

{eat} Bún bò Huế

You might not realize this but inside this little no name food establishment they serve a mighty mean bowl of noodle soup called Bún bò Huế.IMG_9983
This is not your average pho. This bowl of Bún bò Huế (pictured above) has everything (beef brisket, crab meatballs, pigs blood cubes and tendon. I omitted the pork knuckle). Plus a lot of fresh herbs & spices to add for your own taste. Bún (noodle) bò (beef) may say beef noodles of Huế but it’s not all about the beef it’s about the cooking style of Huế. The broth is simmered with a mix of beef & mostly pork bones into a very rich & complex soup. The delicate & delicious meatballs are made from fresh crabmeat, no imitation here.

fresh crabmeat meatballs!

fresh crabmeat meatballs!

It was sooo good that we all had a second bowl. The lady of the shop was so proud of her food, her mother wanted me to take photos of her and her shop so that more people can come and enjoy her bún bò Huế, if you can find it. But I’m sure there’s plenty more good authentic bún bò Huế in the city of Huế, Vietnam.

the noodle boss lady (in the  middle)

the noodle boss lady (in the middle)

catch up


my filipino food plate: 2 over easy egg, smoked bangus, spicy slices of spam, champarado and two dipping sides of garlic vinegar and tomato relish

An old friend from Milan, Italy was in town for a few days.  She loves food and travel. What best way to catch up with an old friend then to have a huge plate of food in front of you. I haven’t seen her in over 10yrs. Which means I haven’t been in Italy for quite some time. I remember going out that way every chance I get when I saw cheap flights to Italy. My friend has invited me to come back for a visit when Milan hosts Expo 2015. It looks fun and exciting. I’d love to go but we shall see in the new year…