simple start

Starting my morning with avocado slices on a toasted sourdough with a few shakes of spicy togarashi. Yum!


Hunt & gathering

Since we redid our foyer and hallway a few years ago, I have yet to find and finish the area. Yes, it’s sad. I know. But I’ve been trying to figure out what to make the little area simple with functional designs. I was looking at wallpaper on one wall and maybe a linear coat rack on another. So, I’ve been hunting and getting ideas to see what would work and not break my bank book.

To wall paper or not.

Looking for a nice simple wall hooks.


Still hunting and gathering ideas.

Back to the grind

After almost a month of traveling through southeast asia there is no place like the comforts of home.

Sorry, I never kept up with my posting while I was out and about with my travels. What can I say, I’ve got perfectly sane excuses. I was mostly in a 3rd world country with spotty and sometimes no free Internet (not even in my hotel in Hong Kong!). I was lucky enough to post a picture here and there to show family and friends that I was still alive. At times I’d be too exhausted from the days activities to even put it all in writing. well, now I’m back.

Hopefully the upcoming posts will be recaps of my trip before I get trapped in a whirlwind of work deadlines.

good things

why didn’t i get more of the Alexander Girard printed linen & pillows when i had the chance? they were closing the line & it was ridiculously cheap. i just saw some on ebay and a duvet was $99! mine was 75% less than that. mmm…i should of stocked up on all the different prints, uh? coulda-woulda-shoulda. oh well!