I’ve been on a Depeche Mode kick. I just love this live version of this song. It’s amazing this concert was a decade ago.



Goodness gracious, this summer is just moving along so fast i can hardly blink. My garden has been going since May but it hasn’t been a productive as I would have liked it to. I have yet to see a plethora of tomatoes. But I’m not worried, there’s always others who will swap and share our harvest.  I’ve got squash & kale growing wildly crazy.  IMG_1811 IMG_1824 IMG_1825 IMG_1728 I hope this Benning squash produces soon before the summer is over. W-A-I-T-I-N-G!! I think it really comes down to the dirty truth of dirt (bugs & not the right nutrients). i’m an ok gardener. I’m not the best at it but its the best place for peace & quiet. Who knows, the nice weather may last into late fall. Hey global warming, you just never knoooow.

Now for some quirky fun!

i much prefer this quirky version with Jimmy Fallon & the Roots than the original.

the holidaze

i finally made it down to the Daley Plaza to check out the annual christkindlmarket via a play i was going to see nearby. we had to kill some time before the show started and spotted the big tree from afar. though the tree may not be as impressive as the one in NY but it’s still a big tree here in Chitown.

as for food, i would have loved to try the schnizel or wurst but i couldn’t make myself pay some outrageous price for something that might only be mediocre. so while everyone was sipping Glühwein from a little ceramic boot & noshing on a bratwurst, all i had was a fresh pretzel with a side of mustard.
i saw some nice things. and i also saw some odd things. but of course its nothing like the christkindlmarkets in Germany, but its still nice to get a bit of my Berlin nostalgia for me.

LISTEN: Grimes. its definitely one of my new fav