Life is precious


You don’t realize how precious life is until its gone.

It’s was a rough few weeks. Unbeknownst to all of us, my youngest calico cat (she was 10.5yo but she was still the baby/runt of this household) was taken over by cancer and there was nothing the Vet or I could do. I was advised to euthanize her very soon. I was in shock and needed a few days before making the appointment. In my mind, I had hopes that she would miraculously heal from this disease.

For those few days, It was actually hard & heartbreaking at the same time. Her fur was no longer clean, soft and plush. I can feel every link of her bones in her body as she became dehydrated and emaciated by the day. She stopped eating much or anything. She tried to make it to the litter but was to weak and just peed on the rug next to the litterbox. She could barely jump up to the couch so she sat on the lowest and comfiest end of the bed. I knew she was tired and couldn’t get any sleep because when I cupped her little head in my hands it would slowly sink into it. And when I called her name, I could barely hear her meow back in response. I couldn’t bare to see her like that anymore. I picked up the phone and made the appointment.

On that bright and sunny morning, she decided to make rounds of the house as if she knew it was her last day. I almost cancelled the appointment but I knew she was still very sick. We decided to forgo the kitty carrier and just wrap her in a warm blanket to the Vet. They took her last vitals and shaved her one arm so they can attach the receptacle  to render the injections. I wasn’t going to hold her but decided at the last minute that I wanted her to remember she was warm and safe in my arms. She went peacefully in my arms. I can feel her head slowly slump hard into my arms and her whole body went limp. I was overwhelmed with emotions. In the end, I know she’s now in a better place.  ❤




who knew making matzo ball & chicken soup was so easy. I saw this article, which lead me to my concoction:

i made it not because of the passover holiday but it seemed like the most comforting meal i need for being under the weather at the moment.


i thought i was going to be able to avoid this flu epidemic but alas i caught it and it held me down for a few days. And when your hubs don’t do well in the kitchen, i’m left to muddle my own concoction. just like chicken soup, i crave for something comforting. Congee comes to mind. its a thick rice porridge. watery rice soup. a rice gruel. whatever you want to call it. a poor man’s meal. Poor or not, its a comfort food i need when i’m sick.

With my head pounding and my body aching with chills, i managed to drag myself into the kitchen to see what i can make quickly without much prepping and monitoring. scanning my fridge, i found a few things to quickly make chicken & ginger congee. Best thing to have when making congee a little quicker: leftover cooked rice!

just about 1 cup to 10 cups of water bring to boil then simmer to the right consistency. viola! you can add other ingredients (cooked chicken, fried onions, green onions, etc) to your liking before serving.

To comfort food & good health!


colors of spring, originally uploaded by maomau.

haven’t seen any tulips out & about but i’m sure its coming out to your neighborhood very very soon. btw, it snowed, rained & thundered last night. the weather is just getting bonkers.

in other news: i’m sick as a dog. i can barely breathe, taste or sleep well. so if you don’t hear from me, its because i can’t stand being in front of the ‘puter to long.