{garden} seeds, seeds, seeds!

Deciding what to grow this year. 


{eat} Cut & Roast

I’ll admit, I usually boil my cauliflower or mash it in place of mashed potato and load it with lots of butter. Then there’s the cut & roast method. With a little drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt & a dash of smoked paprika. 450˚ and 30mins later. Viola! I’ve got tasty plate of roasted cauliflower! Delish!

i canned so can you

**summer is just a around the corner and this post has been long overdue from last fall. better late than never, right?

last year as summer transitioned to fall, my neighbor & i decided to combine the last of all our tomatoes from the garden for canning. i’ve always been curious about canning & pickling but was kind of timid of the process. also its confusing that its not actually going in a “can” but a glass a jar. luckily my neighbor/gf had a friend & her mom who were seasoned canners & picklers. They were all so very kind to give us a step-by-step lesson one afternoon.

clean & chopped up tomatoes

the smaller cherry ones can stay as is.

ready to boil

down they go

grinding it down to a pulp

the fresh tomato juice

ready to boil w/ a bit of lemon juice

prepping for bottling

in the meantime, getting a taste of our host’s pickled cucumbers & beets. i couldn’t stop eating the beets. they were insanely good!

carefully scooping the hot liquid into the jars. making sure not to fill it to the rim.

when all is filled…

wipe clean for capping

capped and ready to go into the boiling water

carefully lift out listen for a sweet little pop

the final product: