I’ve been on a Depeche Mode kick. I just love this live version of this song. It’s amazing this concert was a decade ago.


{art} flex time

Earlier this year at Art Stage Singapore, I got the chance to witness some of Li Hongbo’s accordion paper art in action. What looks like a hard plastered sculpture, is really compacted paper that’s been carved into a roman-like bust. You really can’t tell its paper until the man with the white gloves starts pulling and unraveling the head.

His other works in brown paper were exhibited along the wall, stretched out in all directions. For the unflexed parts, the paper almost looks like chiseled & carved wood. I really wish I could have touched the flexing paper.



{arts} childhood fun!

I’m an early riser. I can’t help it. No matter how late I stay up, I’m up at the crack of dawn. So what best way to spend the early hours, than to hover around in a small hotel room, I go for morning walks. I get to avoid the general masses and beat the hot steamy sun before it hits Singapore. I usually have a buddy to walk with but in Singapore I’m able to do it alone. It is probably one of the safest if not the cleanest city I’ve ever been to.

On one of my early morning walks around Kampong Glam neighborhood I discovered some fun whimsical murals by Ernest Zacharevic. They are just so fun!
I LOVE urban street art! I wasn’t able to catch all his art work around the neighborhood. Maybe next time or maybe I’ll see his work somewhere else in the world. Who knows? But check out how this fun video of his work in Penang, Malaysia below:

Mirrors, George Town – Armenian Street, 2012 from ownlypenang on Vimeo.

lemme cut to the chase

a small bathroom doesn’t mean it will cost less nor will it be faster to renovate. this whole remodeling and repairing is taking up a whole part of my day if not my sleep too! so much to think about. so much planning & scheduling. soo much $$$. egads! i hope the house will be back to normal in about a month or so, for now i must live & work with junk & dust everywhere. my wish that is that all will be done by my birthday (Nov).

enough house talk, i’ve been enjoying this cute she & him video