Flashback Friday


it’s hard to imagine that it’s almost been a year since I first stepped foot in Berlin. It was probably one of my most favorite cities after New York & Hong Kong. Favorite usually meaning I can go back again because I haven’t gotten enough of it. Its just one of those places where there is something to see or do in every nook and cranny, yet its also nice to sit back, relax and watch.

Last year, Berlin celebrated one of its 775th birthday with an outdoor exhibit in Shlossplatz called The City of Diversity, a  gigantic map, pin pointing the historic migration of the many diverse people & cultures in the vicinity of Berlin. I just wish I had time to read all the fascinating facts flagged to all the giant pins. It would have been nice to explore some of those different streets and neighborhoods for myself.

20130802-063206.jpg 20130802-060813.jpg I was actually invited to go back to Berlin this year, but unfortunately home & personal rationale in me trumps the free spirited travel in me this time around. [insert] sad face.

It’s all good. I’ll be back some day soon, Berlin!


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