Memory lane

IMG_2378.JPG On a recent visit to my parents, I found many of my things from the old days have been haphazardly thrown into a pile in the attic. I was a bit miffed but then i realize its stuff I will probably ever want or need. Yet, it all still sits in my parents house. I started to purge through some of it. Four hours later, I was exhausted. I know I need to come back another day to do another small portion. The amount of paperwork is enough to take up a day or two to look through. Who even uses encyclopedia when there’s google these days. Why are there 2 tube televisions and headboards with no bed frames. Ugh! Well more on this another day. I’m wiped.

Time literally flies..


St. Augustine, FL

and now its practically the end of April. I’ve been busy, partly work, some mandatory family functions, social outings and personal projects.

My first goal is spring cleaning: mind & space.


Been doing a lot of cooking at home lately. Just trying to save $ from eating out and eating less processed foods. I forget how relaxing and rewarding it is for me.