Memory lane

IMG_2378.JPG On a recent visit to my parents, I found many of my things from the old days have been haphazardly thrown into a pile in the attic. I was a bit miffed but then i realize its stuff I will probably ever want or need. Yet, it all still sits in my parents house. I started to purge through some of it. Four hours later, I was exhausted. I know I need to come back another day to do another small portion. The amount of paperwork is enough to take up a day or two to look through. Who even uses encyclopedia when there’s google these days. Why are there 2 tube televisions and headboards with no bed frames. Ugh! Well more on this another day. I’m wiped.

Time literally flies..


St. Augustine, FL

and now its practically the end of April. I’ve been busy, partly work, some mandatory family functions, social outings and personal projects.

My first goal is spring cleaning: mind & space.


Been doing a lot of cooking at home lately. Just trying to save $ from eating out and eating less processed foods. I forget how relaxing and rewarding it is for me.

Life is precious


You don’t realize how precious life is until its gone.

It’s was a rough few weeks. Unbeknownst to all of us, my youngest calico cat (she was 10.5yo but she was still the baby/runt of this household) was taken over by cancer and there was nothing the Vet or I could do. I was advised to euthanize her very soon. I was in shock and needed a few days before making the appointment. In my mind, I had hopes that she would miraculously heal from this disease.

For those few days, It was actually hard & heartbreaking at the same time. Her fur was no longer clean, soft and plush. I can feel every link of her bones in her body as she became dehydrated and emaciated by the day. She stopped eating much or anything. She tried to make it to the litter but was to weak and just peed on the rug next to the litterbox. She could barely jump up to the couch so she sat on the lowest and comfiest end of the bed. I knew she was tired and couldn’t get any sleep because when I cupped her little head in my hands it would slowly sink into it. And when I called her name, I could barely hear her meow back in response. I couldn’t bare to see her like that anymore. I picked up the phone and made the appointment.

On that bright and sunny morning, she decided to make rounds of the house as if she knew it was her last day. I almost cancelled the appointment but I knew she was still very sick. We decided to forgo the kitty carrier and just wrap her in a warm blanket to the Vet. They took her last vitals and shaved her one arm so they can attach the receptacle  to render the injections. I wasn’t going to hold her but decided at the last minute that I wanted her to remember she was warm and safe in my arms. She went peacefully in my arms. I can feel her head slowly slump hard into my arms and her whole body went limp. I was overwhelmed with emotions. In the end, I know she’s now in a better place.  ❤


Latest obsession…

wood shop class!!! I’ve been continually taking this class since last spring. I love learning and understanding tools further than an electric drill. It also gives me a chance to step away from the computer. 

Below, I’m practicing on a scroll saw. Not sure what I’ll be making yet.

 Instead of starting a simple project likes birdhouse, I’ve been taking on my to-do-projects I’ve been wanting to make just so I can learn a new tool.

  Using corner clamps to keep my angles straight and together for my new sliding closet doors.

 I did a lot of sanding when I repurposed this wood counter piece to chopping boards. I don’t even remember the name of the tool I used to make the “gutters” in the cutting boards I made (see above). 

 Used a biscuit machine to join and assemble my new outdoor cedar planter. Learned to use an air pressured nail gun to make a compost sifter. 

 Built a modern dog house for a friend, which their cat has taken clam on it now.

 Work in progress: stripped and refinishing an Eames elliptical table. The movers had chipped the original laminate and bent one of the metal legs. Grrrrr! 

I am by no means an expert. I still a slight fear of shiny spinning saws. I still have a lot to learn about all the tools in the shop as I work and build on different projects. Also it helps to have a great teacher who helps guide me along all my crazy projects.